Juan Luis Tangodj

Best known as a dancer, teacher and organizer of numerous events but now my commitment is to spread the richness of Tango firstly as a Musicalizador and also as a disseminator of its culture and history.
I propose musical selections from historical orchestras and performers with particular dedication to the Golden Age of Tango (from the mid-30s to the end of the 50s) or as the expert Osvaldo Natucci calls it, "la Fiesta de Buenos Aires".
I also include selections from current orchestras but only if they are respectful of the genre and that play to make people dance. I believe it is important to give space and promote young and valid artists who represent the very survival of Tango and its future.
In selecting the tandas I aim to make everyone dance pleasantly, helping to ensure that there is a good round and that the milonga flows with the right dynamics and good energy.
I pay particular attention to propose tandas that are as homogeneous as possible about the themes and content of the lirycs of the songs, convinced that this contributes to the atmosphere of the milonga.

E-mail: juanluistangodj@gmail.com
Telefono: +393396120248
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