Francesco Sisca Tdj

Musica per l'abbraccio

Francesco Sisca is a Tdj with the vision of Tango as a language, an occasion for celebration and sharing. He put music in 2007, as a Dj in two touristic villages in Tuscany and Egypt; he began to dance the Tango in Istanbul in 2010, then he try himself as a "pasadiscos" in the tango practices of the "tango Club Cremona"  and at parties of friends, since 2015. also in 2015, he follows a 4-day Tdj workshop with Gabriel Sodini in the beautiful setting of the Tarbes Festival. in 2017, together with a group of friends, he created a project to spread Argentinian Tango in the Cremona area, organizing parties and practices with the name of "il Porto del Tango". in 2018 he puts music for international milongas where he is called recurrently: "la Tanguedia" in Paris, "milonga Poema" in Lucerne, "milonga el Abrazo" in St. Petersburg, "tango Geneve" in Geneva. his style leads him to consider each evening in its own right and to look for each milonga in its specific identity; which is made from the environment dedicated to the dance and by every single dancer that brings with him/her unique energy. Francesco looks for tango as an opportunity for fun and wants to bring together traditionalists and innovators, young and old by offering splendid musical selections that he selects between eras and cultures, from the Guardia Vieja to the electronic tango and the so-called "non-tango". thanks to the experience as Dj in touristic villages, he has a heterogeneous and wide musical culture on which he bases the choice of the right "cortina" at the right time, considering this a living element in the interpretation, together with everyone present, of the evening. Always with sensitivity and balance, he interacts with the room, each time reading the atmosphere of the moment, choosing the most suitable narration.

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