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My passion for Argentine tango has often led me to Buenos Aires to deepen and study style, but also music, with important masters of both tango and music. I've been playing in important Baires milongas including Confiteria Ideal, Sin Rumbo, Teatro 25 de mayo at Triunvirato and also at the Tango Radio of Baires !! Of course I am musicalizing in milonghe do different European cities and also tango festival (Nice) Festival of Lucca and Casentino Festival !! In Italy, in some famous milongas like Que Bailarin Milan, La Capannina Viareggio, Dorada di Lucca, Quatar Napoli, Argentango Avellino and Tango Holidays in Ischia, Florence at Fiorino. I only move with portable and on demand with original vintage disks !! The proposed music search is never the same and is constantly evolving to find even just a new song to propose suitable to create danceable and full of energy. Music Selection: I propose selected music selections among the artists of the Argentine landscape, for example from Troilo, Canaro, Rodriguez, Calo, Biagi to artists such as Sarah, Fresedo, De Angelis, D'arienzo, Pugliese and Color Tango. to artists and specialists of the Golden Age! I learned, from great Argentinian masters to Musicalizador, how to read the dance floor and make it always crowded !!e-mail: nando_spe@yahoo.itphone: +393397234523

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