Zorro Tj

A little bit about me... :-)

Always passionate to dance, I attended my first course of Tango Argentino in 2000, in 2006 along with other people I organized one of the rare milongas of that time in the province of Imperia, the Milonga "de los que vienen"; In 2007 I organized the first milonga at the Dancing Saitta Loano, "Milonga del Carril". Other milongas organized by me: "The Sconsagrada" in Ventimiglia and Bordighera, "Impero" in Ventimiglia, "The Liberty" at the Palazzina Liberty in Imperia P.M., the "Skipper Bar" of Diano Marina and "La Milonguita" to Fisa Club A.R.C.I. in Riva Ligure.In one of my trips to Buenos Aires I had the pleasure of putting the music to a matinee of Confiteria Ideal, thank you again for this opportunity Diego Alvaro and Gabriela Laddaga. I also put music in various milongas and festivals in Liguria and in Piedmont and in nearby Provence. As I am training and classic taste, I prefer the traditional music, one of the historic Buenos Aires milongas as La Confiteria, Sunderland, the Niño Bien, Club Gricel, Sueño Porteño, La Catedral, Salon Canning and others. My style did formed listening and dancing evenings of Felix Picherna (which I also attended a stage), Mario Orlando, Damian Boggio, Gabriela Laddaga, Pier Aldo Vignazia in Buenos Aires, Renato Villa and Gianni Loppi and other in Italy and Jacques Diana and Philppe Gonella and other in France.All milongas are designed and organized with my life partner Michela, who with his sweetness enhances our every event.

E-mail: tetia@libero.it
Telefono: +393383000393
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