Associazione culturale Sergio Gaggia
Forma Legale: Organizzazione non di tango che occasionalmente organizza eventi di tango
Forma Giuridica: Associazione culturale
Denominazione: Associazione culturale Sergio Gaggia
Once again this year the International Musical Specialization Courses are presented in the tradition and now, at the Xxxi edition, they are enriched for the occasion by some new and prestigious masters. in addition to the return of the composer and violist Vladimir mendelssohn and the american clarinettist Caroline Hartig, we have for the first time guest at Cividale one of the best know english musicians, the oboist and conductor Nicholas Daniel and the great teacher and violin player Pavel Berman, with his "stradivari". new teachers and concert performers also will be Adriana Ferreira, first flute of the Santa Cecilia Orchestra (12th to 15th August), the serbian/parisian cellist Maja Bogdanovic (7th – 14th August), the violist teacher at the Lugano Academy Ivan Vukčević, the english pianist Antony Hewitt and Alberto Mesirca for the classical guitar class. plenty of confirmations, from Daniel Rowland to Julian Arp, Alexsandar Serdar, Silvia Marcovici and Nino Gvetadze.