Forma Legale: Associazione
Forma Giuridica: Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica
Anno fondazione: 2015
Denominazione: Mizu
Tessere accettate:
Our activities about argenine Tango:

Courses :
Appio Claudio - Viale Appio Claudio 35
 - Monday 20.00
  Argentine tango basic course - absolute beginners - Still Available, No Couple Necessary, Free Trial LESSON
Montagnola - Via Luigi Perna 51
 - Wednesday 8.00pm
  Argentine tango basic course - absolute beginners - Still Available, No Couple Necessary, Free Trial LESSON
 - Wednesday 21.15
  2° livel
Practice:- Sunday (once a month) 4.30 - 8.30 pm
At "la Pratica degli Abbracci" everyone is welcome!beginners of any school are welcome, as this Practice is intended as an informal space useful to prove what is learned in class and put it "in practice", in fact, on a track together with other could be an opportunity to socialize with students from other schools, to clarify doubts, to experiment with the invitation Da and Verso someone we do not know ...the tangoers are welcome a little 'more navigated, because they can help to give a good example to the less experienced, and because at every level of experience it is always useful to experiment and try and in this space you can do it freely.the "hugs Practice" will be structured in "tandas" of traditional tango from two songs each (to allow a greater frequency of torque changes), interspersed with beautiful "cortinas"
Ours is the only practice of tango with live music: in fact, our teacher Jorge Omar Sosa will perform his afternoon with his guitar and his anecdotes from Buenos Aires.during the evening a buffet will be offered (water, wine, drinks, sweet and savory snacks, Gluten Free corner), included in the promotional entry fee of 13 eurosi wait for you one Sunday a month in Viale Appio Claudio 35 from 16.30 to 20.00pass word!for information and reservations call (or write a text message): 338.88.98.293free membership
The milonga:

- "gli Abbracci Del Lunedi" - traditional milonga
Every Monday from 21.30 to 1.00
Free buffet
(drinks, water, wine, sweet and savory snacks, Gluten Free corner)reservation is recommendedthe entrance to the milonga is reserved for members:
- for those who already have a card, € 8.00 contribution
- for those who do not yet have a card, € 10.00 feecompliance with the runway is recommended
Welcome to 'mirada y cabeceo'easy parkingc / o "work in Progress" Cultural Association
viale Appio Claudio 35 - Romeinfo and reservations (sms or WhatsApp):
- Loredana Di Leta 338 8898293
- Adriano Scaramuzza 333 2651808
How to reach us:we recommend taking Viale Appio Claudio from the Via Appia side:
- for those coming from the center, on Via Appia Nuova (direction G.r.a.) after the traffic light leading to Villa Fulvia, at the next traffic light turn left
- for those coming from outside, or from the Raccordo, take Via Appia Nuova (towards the center) and pass the Capannelle racecourse. At the junction with Via Appia Pignatelli turn right.
The organization reserves the right to select at the entrance.
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