Deleones Tango Orquesta

Orquesta Tipica

Power, vitality, exigency and sensitivity characterize the work of the Deleones Tango Orquesta. With ten musicians (piano, double bass, three violins, viola, cello, three bandoneons), they will take you back a few decades, to a black and white Buenos Aires, where Tango, born from the pavement and the suburbs, has conquered the world.
Based on the models of the great Tango orchestras of the 1940s and 1950s, the ensemble performs Tangos by the fundamental composers of the Golden Age. Thanks to its own identity, and by rigorously relying on the musical heritage of the Argentinean dialect, the orchestra will shake the audience with the sounds of its marcattos. Combining popular, precise and contemporary energy, the Deleones Tango Orquesta will appeal to both neophytes and Tango aficionados.

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