Chris Musicalizador

Born in New York and living in Genoa, I love music, since a teenager I studied Jazz as a saxophonist, and at an older age, I discovered tango first as a dance and then as music.

As a musicalizador, I love to observe dancers to find the right blend of rhythmic, melodic, and recording periods to resonate the energy and harmony of the dance floor.

As a repertoire, I prefer uniform tandas from periods ranging from the 1930s to the 1950s, and I am happy to accept the challenge of tango nuevo.
As a physicist, I love to pay attention to the equalization of music by studying the recording techniques of the various periods of tango.

Because of my international background, I have developed a deep sensitivity to interculturality and a desire to travel to play music in milongas around the world.  

Telefono: +393482727405
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