Barbara D'agostino Tdj

I discovered the passion for tango music and for the dance in 2004 I founded, together with others, in my city Asti (Piedmont, Italy), the Amotango Association which will become Astintango in 2007.
Since 2009 I organize the Astintango Festival, a major event in the Italian tango panorama.
From 2014 I started the activity of tangodj and since then I continue to deepen the knowledge of orchestras and songs of all ages, quickly becoming one of the most known emerging Djs in Italy.
In my evenings I try to vary by proposing different traditional orchestras but with some contemporary drift and always with a careful eye to the track and the needs of the dancers. I had the pleasure of taking care of the musical selections in many milongas, festivals and events in Italy and other European countries
Currently they are Tdj resident at Milonga Alma y Pasion of Asti and than I play music regularly in the milongas of the northern Italy.

Telefono: +393496196399
Facebook: link
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