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El Dogui

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Musician and singer, he was seduced by tango when he was studying at Florence Uni. As a dancer he began his career in 2006, trained bey the best teachers in italy and abroad. As a Tango Dj he started in 2011 in Friuli Venezia giulia, Trieste, Udine and other towns, he's actually well-known as tdj and organizer, with thousands of hours of experience in milongas, also in other italian regions (Modena Tango Marathon, Venice, Mestre...) and abroad (Croatia, Lubiana, Tango Bar Wien, Wuppertal...). His musical proposal ranges from classical to nuevo, with a clear predilection for classic tango performed by modern and contemporary orchestras. since 2009 he is finding constant inspiration with Marcelo Rojas de la 2x4 de Buenos Aires, who is his teacher and friend.

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