Hugo Musicalizador

Hugo proposes a selection that is closer to the Buenos Aires tradition than some of the European styles of today.
It is dynamic and sparkling, reviving forgotten orchestras and paying particular attention to the singers.
Interpreting what each dance floor has to offer, providing the dancers with something to make their senses quiver so the music entices them onto the dance floor filling their hearts with emotion.
His theatrical experience helps him to interpret the public’s mood, accompanying him to a “buena onda”.
Since 2006 he has studied with O. Natucci, D.Boggio, F.Picherna,and others.
He is DJ of the Assoc. Imperia Tango, participating in Festivals such as Sanremo, Val Cenis, 
He makes music in Italy, France, Principality of Monaco, Germany, Austria.
Leaving the headphones to disco DJ’s, he makes use of a blackboard where he marks the current tanda and the following one, not with the intention of teaching the dancers but to help them organise themselves so they don’t miss any opportunity to dance to their favourite orchestras.
“Every milonga should be a unique and unrepeatable experience, nothing is left to chance with no stone unturned.”

contact Hugo: 
       +39 348 7343934

Telefono: +39183652188
Facebook: link
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