Tangostuni in Hotel sul mare. Dal 24 al 31 agosto . Con i Campioni mondiali 2017 Buenos Aires

Evento organizzato da: Associazione Tangoholiday Puglia
Data evento : Sat 24/08/2019
Ora evento: 22:00
Ora fine evento: 03:00
Tipo evento: Festival
Location: Contrada Losciale 70/c, Capitolo (monopoli) , Bari
Locale: Hotel Lido Torre Egnazia
Web site: http://www.tangoholiday.it

Puglia - Lezioni, degustazioni, milonghe anche itineranti con ns Bus/tango, Pizzica con musica dal viso, 7 Tdj

Nella magica Terra di Puglia anche quest'anno una coppia di Maestri/ballerini di elevato spessore:german Ballejo e Magdalena Gutierrez (Campioni Mondiali di Tango 2017 Buenos Aires)saranno con noi per tutta la settimana con lezioni per Intermedi e avanzati con la loro indiscussa bravura e simpatia...
 - In the beautiful Puglia, another magical holiday awaits us in August 2019. For almost four decades tangueros from all over the world we follow, satisfied and happy, in this playful meeting of Tango. Every year, internationally renowned Masters guests, for their skill and friendliness, positively complete 7 days ...... to remember. Always in Hotels by the sea, in the most fascinating part of Puglia !!!
--- Program, accommodations and details:
- In Puglia in Capitolo (Monopoli)
- Hotels **** directly on the sea
- 6 lessons (1 hour and 1/2 each) for 2 levels: intermediate and advanced)
- Milongas also external (with our Bus) in typical squares and suggestive locations
- With wine and mineral meals included
- Guided excursions (always with our bus) in the most magical places in the Territory
- With tastings of typical products (orecchiette, parmigiana, meatballs of bread and cheese, vegetables of the Earth, mozzarella and cheese, etc.) accompanied by wines from Puglia
- Beach: included deckchairs and umbrellas
- Service partners (for those coming from singles)
- Sharing rooms (on request)
- Special evening with dinner tasting of Apulian recipes (30 typical dishes) during the dinner with music and live dancers
di Pizzica (typical folk dance).
- 7 musicalizadores
Details, photos and accessions on www.tangoholiday.it. And also on Facebook on Loco tango Puglia and Tangostunii on the sea 2019.
email: info@tangoholiday.it - ​​tel. +393483579617